How we work

When working on traditional commissions, we give advice and support to our agency customers from the conception to the implementation of their projects. Depending on the task’s requirements, we use generative and/or classical design methods efficiently and sensibly.


Provoked by our curiosity, we are always in search of new forms of expression. We gain abundant experience from our experimental work, enabling us to apply new and unconventional methods of design in our projects.


Our goal is to pass our extensive knowledge in generative design on. We do this in the form of lectures, publications, articles, tutorials, workshops and teaching at universities.

lecture »Generative Gestaltung«

ADC Young Guns 11

We are happy to announce that Cedric has been selected as one of the 37 winners of the ADC New York’s Young Guns competition. Once every year, art directors, designers ans illustrators up to the age of 30 years are encouraged to submit a …

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Levis – MakeOurMark

For the new Levis – MakeOurMark campaign we have been working on a digital art project visualizing twitter and instagram contributions from people from all over the world. The artwork forms a vivid and original portrait of the modern …

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Cannes Lion for NikeFuel Station

Our latest project »NikeFuel Station«, a collaboration with AKQA London, was awarded with a Silver Lion in Cannes.The installation is the centerpiece of London’s new NikeFuel Station at Boxpark and …

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English version of Generative Design book

»Generative Design« is finally available in English! Order your copy now!Great news! Our book »Generative Gestaltung«, which was first released in German in 2009, is finally available in English! …

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Generative Design
The book »Generative Design«, that offers an insight into the world of generative design, is now also available in English.

It´s been released 2012 by Princeton Architectural Press and can be ordered now.

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Cover weave 2011-05
For the issue 05.11 of weave we wrote a seven page article about the form of meta data: »Immaterials – Data between visibility and invisibility« and also did the cover with an illustration of invisible electromagnetic fields, this project shapes fictional data using the photographic technique of procedural lightpainting.

Immaterials project