projection mapping visuals

For the new event series, »ZERO – start from scratch«, we were asked to develop a tool for a flexible and easy to assemble live sound visualization, which can create a variety of visual styles during runtime. The events venue was »baalsaal« an electro and house club located on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg, well known for its bustling nightlife.
The projection tool is flexible in its use and can be applied to all kinds of differet objects and setups . For the live performance of the first event, which took place in February 2011, and featured the fantastic »pupkulies & rebecca«, we mapped the projections on a setup of nine triangular columns mounted to the ceiling.
The projection mapping tool consists of three different modes. The »Setup Mode« (5:17) to define the initial number, scale and position of projected objects and their textures. The »Mapping Mode« (5:42) to map the different textured quads perspectively correct to the surface of the objects and finally the largest part, the »Visual Effect Mode« to create, combine and play different effects that could be either sound reactive or user driven.
The tool makes heavy use of the great controlP5 processing library by Andreas Schlegel as well as the GLGraphics library for faster texture rendering. Coming with 10 predefined presets you can start to change and combine all kind of aspects of 8 different effects ranging from equalizer bars to moving text effects that could then be assigned to a specific column and saved as new preset for later use to generate a wide variety of different visualizations (1:40 to 3:50).