ard traffic
video projection for ARD television studio


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Traffic – A video projection

For an ARD program produced as part of »The mobile person« theme week, this projection was created for the installation of a studio wall. The program, which was recorded in the ARD’s main studio in Berlin and moderated by Anne Will, explores the theme of the »modern job nomad.« Our installation »Traffic« reflected this subject of mobility. In the program, using back projection, images of the lights of Berlin’s night traffic were projected onto a transparent studio glass panel, which is printed with a map of Berlin.
Theme week »The Mobile Person« in ARD

Today people are mobile more often and faster than they were a century and a half ago. A revolutionary catalyst for this was the creation of the automobile by Carl Benz 125 years ago. Most recently it is things like Smartphones that enable us to be up to date any time, anywhere. For budget prices people visit other continents and learn about other cultures, and Skype and Facebook allow us to maintain friendships over great distances. Yet the possibilities which some may relish, may be a burden to others. … read more on ARD site