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Cover weave 2010-03
In the golden issue 03.10 of the magazine weave onformative was responsible for the cover design, that is the result of an eight page tutorial about collecting and visualizing data we wrote for the same issue.

Weave 03.10 blogpost
Weave Data Tutorial
Cover weave 2010-05
For the issue 05.10 of weave we did not only make the lasercut cover for (»Making of« blogpost), but also wrote a six page article about different digital fabrication technologies and products using them.

Weave 05.10 blogpost
»Making of« blogpost
Cover weave 2011-02
For the issue 02.11 of the magazine weave we wrote a six page tutorial about programming for android using the »android for processing« framework.

Download Source Code
Cover weave 2011-05
For the issue 05.11 of weave we wrote a seven page article about the form of meta data: »Immaterials – Data between visibility and invisibility« and also did the cover with an illustration of invisible electromagnetic fields, this project shapes fictional data using the photographic technique of procedural lightpainting.

Immaterials project
Cover weave 2011-06
Together with Till Nagel we wrote a six page article on collecting and visualizing geospatial data, and how it influences the perception of our environment for the issue 06.11 of Weave Magazine.

Links of the projects and maps that were mentioned in the article can be found on the website.

»Neue Sichtbarkeit« blogpost
Cover PAGE 2012-01
Using an iOS application, developed especially for the creation of the cover, we designed an edition of three magazine covers for the issue 01.11 of PAGE Magazine by analyzing and interpreting the data of the iPad’s motion sensors and turned them into abstract visuals of the user‘s movement in space.

»Making of PageMove«
Cover weave 2012-04
For the 4/12 issue of Weave Magazine we wrote an article about the »Magic and Storytelling« project we worked on for Marco Tempest.

Links of the projects and maps that were mentioned in the article can be found on the website.

»Magic and Storytelling at TED-conference« project
Cover weave 2013-01
For the issue 01.13 of weave magazine we wrote a six page tutorial about the new features in processing 2.0 like HD Video and Shader support.
Cover weave 2013-03
For the issue 03.13 of the magazine Weave we wrote a five page tutorial about the LEAP Motion controller and how to use it to create a digital instrument that is playable with your hands in 3d space. 

You find more information about the article here.
Cover weave 2013-04
Our »Google Face« made it to the Cover of Weave Magazine 04.14 and was featured with a small article explaining the idea and concept behind the project.
Reviews / Comments
Cover weave 2010-06
For the issue 6.10 of the magazine weave we wrote an update of the review of processing books.
Cover weave 2010-04
For the issue 04.10 of the magazine weave we wrote a review of several processing books for the category »do it yourself«.
Cover weave 2011-01
For the issue 01.11 of the magazine weave we wrote a short comment on Microsofts Kinect and the development of open source drivers.
Cover weave 2011-04
Thank you Apple! For the issue 04.11 of the magazine weave we wrote a short comment on Apple collecting personal GEO data using the iPhone.

Apple GEO-Data Linklist
Cover weave 2012-05
For the issue 05.12 of the magazine weave we wrote a short comment about the LEAP, a new motion tracker for gesture control.
Cover weave 2012-06
For the issue 06.12 of the magazine weave we wrote a short comment about the new features of processing 2.0.
Our projects in magazines
Cover page 2010-04
The design magazine page published an interesting article named »Dekodieren und Dekorieren« (Decode and decorate), in which our work for the cover series »Project M« in cooperation with Projekttriangle was shown.
Cover weave 2010-02
In the issue 02.10 of the magazine weave we were asked to take part in a easteregg special. A photo of our studio with several hidden eggs was shown on a doublespread-page.

ComputerArts Magazine 189
UK computerArt magazine wrote an article about »New experiments in digital Design« in their 189 issue and tried to explore how new technology can help turn creative visions into reality. We talked about hacking the kinect and our »Fragments of RGB« project.
Page 08 2011
In issue 08 of Page magazine Fuenfwerken CEO Holger Schmidhuber is talking about Annual reports for non-profit organisations and the Annual Report for Helmholtz Zentrum Munich
Wired Magazine UK 08.11
We were invited to create the »08.11″ Opener for the UK edition of the Tech Magazine Wired.
PAGE 10.11
PAGE Magazine wrote a two page article about our »corporate imagery tool for Actelion Pharmaceuticals«.
Page 02.2012
Page Magazine wrote a two page article about our Generative Artwork made for Montblanc in the 02.12 issue.
Some Magazine
Two of our projects, »Fragments of RGB« and »Immaterials« were featured in the second issue of »Some Magazine«, a new magazine between design and art published by Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle.
In the 18th issue of »Graphisme en France«, Casey Reas and Chandler McWilliams presented a selection of designers who develope their own tools and algorithms as part of their design process and asked us answer why we do so rather than only using existing software solutions.
The magazine Neural featured in its 42nd issue, the Illegal issue, our project »unnamed soundsculpture«.
Page 10.2012
In the issue 10.2012 PAGE Magazine wrote a short article about the NIKE FuelStation Installation.
Choi's Gallery
Choi’s Gallery Volume 19, a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the best new graphics from all over the world featured the NIKE FuelStation Installation.

More about Choi’s Gallery
Page 03.2013
In issue 03.2013 PAGE Magazine deals with the question of how creatives work better, employed or self-employed. Among others like Benedikt Groß and Marius Watz, we were talking about our way of working.
Page 04.2013
The article »Vermessung der Welt«, about 3D-scanning techniques published in PAGE Magazine 04.2013 mentioned »unnamed soundsculpture« as one great example of innovative 3D-scanning.
Our »Fragments of RGB« project was featured in the issue 08 of RepublicX Art Magazine. You can take a look at the online version here.
For the October 2013 issue of the Wired Magazine we created an info graphic about the different tweet behaviors of bots and humans. Take a look at the so called »INFO PORN« here.
Our projects in books
Cover Data Flow 2
In the book »Data Flow 2″, published in 2009 by Gestalten Verlag, our project SMS Plant was featured (page 156). By the way a pretty cool book: a good collection of data graphics.
Cover Data Visualization
Our data visualization project »Skype Visualization« was featured in the lately released book »Data visualization – Convey, clarify, construct« published by do\work publishing, a newly-born publishing house based in Hong Kong. It´s a nice well-structered look book about data visualization similar to the »Data Flow« books published by Gestalten Verlag.
Articles / Tutorials
Generative Gestaltung
Cover form no230
In the 2010/230 issue of the design magazine “form“, a five pages long article titled “Generating Graphics” appeared in which the new design discipline – generative design –
and especially our homonymous book was presented in detail.

form no.230
download article
Cover page 2010-02
In the issue 01.2010 of the magazine page two processing turorials were published. They were taken out of our book»Generative Gestaltung«: chapter P.3.2 (Schriftkontur) and chapter M.5 (Baumdiagramme)
Generative Gestaltung
Cover weave 2009-06
In a review “Weave” magazine puts out our book “Generative design” in its 06/09 issue.
Cover page 2010-01
With the promising sentence “Do you wish to start a voyage of discovery into a new world?” the design magazine “page” started an entire page long review about our book “Generative design” in its 1/10 issue.
Cover thegap 105
The Austrian design magazine thegap wrote a very good review about our book »Generative Gestaltung« and even raffled some of our books.