Treemap Pop
Interpretations of pop music videos

We have been asking ourselves, if music videos, especially those containing different colors in its song title, can be analyzed and thus reveal a hidden structure in the use of colors. These videos are the original music videos but color sorted and then visualized as a Treemap. We took each frame and counted the colors. Treemaps are great at showing proportions of a set of items to each other.
Because of the music video behind it, the colors become alive and start to move and dance. Starting with Michael Jacksons »Black or White« and »True Colors« by Cindy Lauper we later checked some other videos containing specific colors like »Yellow« by Coldplay for example which is interestingly nothing but different shades of blue.
Video: True Colors
Interpret: Cindy Lauper
Video: Black or White
Interpret: Michael Jackson
Video: Yellow
Interpret: Coldplay
images »Black or White«
Black or White
Black or White
Black or White
images »True Colors«
True Colors
True Colors
True Colors
images »Yellow«