Provoked by our curiosity, we are always in search of new forms of expression. We gain abundant experience from our experimental work, enabling us to apply new and unconventional methods of design in our projects.
In addition to commissioned work, we use every opportunity to work independently, to experiment and to discover new things. Spurred by curiosity, we recognize in each new endeavor the chance to gain both experience and knowledge. We achieve both know-how and experience from our experimental work, to which are also able to apply both novel and unconventional design methods.
In our lab projects we are able to explore how new approaches in technology and design can be united. In such projects our goal is not necessarily to find solutions, but rather to approach subject matter in a playful and uninhibited manner, which results in innovative and unexpected products whose outcome is open and often even surprises us.
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Leap Motion library for Processing
virtual thermo reactive surface
Screen Capturer library for Processing
searching for faces on Google Maps
Google Analytics and Processing
use GoogleAnalytics data in processing
Weather library for Processing
load weather data from google
Porcelain Experiments
digital fabricated abstract porcelain objects
Kinect experiment and library overview
Treemap Pop
interpretations on pop music videos
The Form of Sorting Algorithms
experimental video on sorting
Twitter Live Ticker
easy to set up twitter news ticker
Creating Contour Maps
3d contourmaps using heightmaps