English version of Generative Design book

August 10th, 2012 - 10:09 am

Julia Laub

Generative Design
»Generative Design« is finally available in English! Order your copy now!

Great news! Our book »Generative Gestaltung«, which was first released in German in 2009, is finally available in English! It is published by Princeton Architectural Press and you can order it for a special price on amazon.com.

The book Generative Design describes the creation of images by using code. An image is not created manually, but instead by translating a visual idea into a set of rules and then implementing it in a programming language. Such a program can not only create a single image but also design complete visual worlds when parameters are changed. The book wants to provide a solid foundation for the use of this process. The book section “Basic Principles” illustrates generative techniques in relation to four foundation areas of design: color, shape, typography, and image. The designer’s repertoire is further expanded in the section “Complex Methods” by combining a number of principles on the basis of six larger-scaled examples. In this section you will also find explanations of advanced techniques.

Check out www.generative-gestaltung.com for more information. You´ll find most of the code examples on openprocessing

code on openprocessing.org
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