onformative, founded by Julia Laub and Cedric Kiefer in Berlin, is a studio specialized in generative design solutions covering various types of media and topics.
What we do
For us the generative design process presents a new way of thinking and a new approach on how to bring ideas to the market in a more effective and efficient way. onformative covers a range of fields from classical book design, to visualizing information, to experimental generative work. Our expertise along with an in-depth understanding of the project lead to innovative solutions that go beyond conventional ways of doing creative work. At the intersection of technology, design and emotion we develop innovative, cross-media solutions for our customers in the domains of culture, economical and education.
With our experience we can guide projects from the initial planning phases all the way to their implementation. We consult, and expand the horizon of possibilities in a playful yet consistent manner. We use our experience gained from experimental projects to develop adequate strategies for specific needs. Aside from commissioned work onformative offers workshops and seminars that give insight into new design methods. By doing so we provide our customers with the knowledge on how to integrate the generative approach into their design processes.
Who we are
Julia und Cedric | Fotografie Tom Ziora | tomziora.com
Cedric Kiefer

Studies in communication design at HfG Karlsruhe and FH Potsdam. Teaching generative design and Processing at HAWK Hildesheim, FH Wiesbaden, FH Mainz. Author for Weave Magazine.

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Julia Laub

Studies in communication design at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. Author and designer of »Generative Gestaltung« book. Lectures on generative design at numerous universities and conferences. Teaching at FH Mainz.

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For whom we work

Actelion Pharmaceuticals | Adobe | Allianz | ARD | Audi | BASF | Bayer | Camel Artists | Daimler Benz | Deutsches Museum München | EnBw | HelmholtzZentrum | Marco Tempest Newmagic | MaxPlanck Institut | MontBlanc | Nike | PAGE | Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz | Weave Magazine | Wired Magazine | ZDF
Generative Design
The book »Generative Design«, that offers an insight into the world of generative design, is now also available in English.

It´s been pulished by Princeton Architectural Press and can be ordered now.

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Cover weave 2011-05
For the issue 05.11 of weave we wrote a seven page article about the form of meta data: »Immaterials – Data between visibility and invisibility« and also did the cover with an illustration of invisible electromagnetic fields, this project shapes fictional data using the photographic technique of procedural lightpainting.

Immaterials project